What Abi Taught Us



A mother's struggle to come to terms with her daughter's death.

The inspiring story of how Lucy Hone coped with the tragic death of her daughter and how strategies from the science of resilient grieving can help anyone face an equally helpless situation.


These dots made us smile even on the saddest day. A silly little colourful dot made us smile at the darkest time. The power of colour hey.

Abi's Dots are available in a pack of 90 (each pack contains 15 dots in 6 colours) and we are selling these packs through the AFD Store (at the Vines Village in Blenheim) or the online AFD Store. They retail for $38 and $12 from each sale goes to the ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation.

They are called ‘Wall Confetti’ but you can decorate anything in them, let your imagination run wild and honour Abi’s life in colour and fun.